Passion, Knowledge, Transparency
The next Generation of Moroccan Production Services 


Passion, Knowledge, Transparency
The next Generation of Moroccan Production Services 


Passion, Knowledge, Transparency
The next Generation of Moroccan Production Services 

about kasbah Films

Kasbah Films is a production services company based in Morocco and founded in 2006. We, its founders, have been trained at prestigious European film schools and have gained experience on countless productions, learning how to keep costs down and add high production values at all budget levels. We begin our collaborations by understanding your creative requirements – which enables us to assist in streamlining your production and cut unnecessary costs. Our international backgrounds help significantly to manage cultural differences, integrating local crew with their foreign heads of department.

One US based client recently remarked that we are the “next generation of Moroccan production services companies”.  We are proud to see ourselves this way – focussing on transparency and real collaboration with our clients.

We have unparalleled local knowledge and expertise.
We are hands-on passionate filmmakers ourselves.
We run an ethical business and are fully transparent.


What our clients say

Morocco Impressions
What Our Clients Say

Tom Tykwer, Director

A Hologram for the King, Cloud Atlas, The International

»Following our great experience with Kasbah Films in Morocco, I insisted on having Karim Debbagh as supervising producer when we shot the diving scenes in Egypt three months later – it's a solid proof of my appreciation for his work.«

Andrew S. Karsch, Producer

Moneyball, The Prince of Tides, Conviction

»We were working on a very small budget and extremely tight schedule and encountered no unanticipated problems or impediments. The people from Kasbah Films are across the board terrific to be around and together compose a climate that couldn’t be any better.«

Marcus Loges, Line Producer

Cloud Atlas, The Cut, A Hologram for the King

»Whether you're shooting with A-list talent in rural areas or in the uncontrollable chaos of a city like Casablanca, you absolutely need a local production services company, who understands the big picture in order to make it happen. Karim, Michael and their team from Kasbah Films allowed us to make the best possible version of our film "A Hologram for the King", and ensured we had a great time doing it!«

Peter McAleese, Producer

Unknown, Bridget Jones, The Gunman


»I had the great pleasure to work with Karim Debbagh as the Moroccan Line Producer on "The Red Tent". It was a difficult and extremely ambitious show which carried the weight of huge expectations from both the Broadcasters and the International Studio which financed it. Karim always proved himself to be totally professional in terms of his commitment to carrying out his responsibilities. Together with Michael Dreher he runs their company Kasbah Films with an enviable combination of good humour and steely resolve in a way which completely delivers on the honesty and transparency expected of any outfit seeking to compete in today's very competitive International Marketplace. Karim and Michael's joint contribution to the successful execution of "The Red Tent" was enormous.«

Meet the OWNERS

Karim Debbagh

Producer / Line Producer / Owner

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Michael Dreher

Producer / Managing Director / Co-Owner

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Projects in spotlight

A Hologram for the King

2014 | dir.: Tom Tykwer
starring: Tom Hanks, Tom Skeritt, Sarita Choudhury, Omar Elba
Producer: Stefan Arndt, Gary Goetzmann, Uwe Schott, Arcadiy Golubovich
X-Filme Creative Pool, Playtone, Primeridian Entertainment

The Red Tent

2014 | dir.: Roger Young
starring: Rebecca Ferguson, Morena Baccarin, Minnie Driver, Iain Glen
Producer: Peter McAleese, Paula Weinstein, Jayson de Rosner
Sony Pictures Television, Lifetime

Their Heads are Green and their Hands are Blue

2014 | dir.: Jay Bulger
starring: Mahmoud Guinia, Bachir Attar, Abdelmalik Kharraz
Producer: Andrew S. Karsch, Karim Debbagh
Insurgent Media, Weltweit Film

Exit Marrakech

2013 | dir.: Caroline Link
starring: Ulrich Tukur, Hafsia Herzi, Samuel Schneider, Josef Bierbichler
Producer: Peter Herrmann, Rodolphe Buet, Klaus Dohle
Studio Canal, Desert Flower Filmproduktion


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